Best Nevada Colleges

Kaitlyn Zamago, Business Manager

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Each year, seniors struggle to pick what college they plan to attend. With a large variety of colleges worldwide, many have shown overwhelmed by the choice. Some choose to go to an out-of-state university, while others plan to stay close to home. 

Many students have financial difficulties as well, so trying to manage college in a financial way can prove just as overwhelming. Financial struggles may follow beyond tuition as well, considering the costs of moving add up in addition. This makes local colleges well worth considering, so here is a list of colleges close to home.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

UNLV is ranked one of Nevada’s top ten colleges. In the fall of 2016, there were 29,702 students attending this university. This school has over 300 on-campus organizations. If you are a Nevada resident, tuition costs approximately $6,236. Over 5,200 degrees were awarded in 2015, along with an average GPA of 3.286 for admitted high school students. The school has a variety of programs, such as Science in Business Administration, Arts,  Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Science, Fine Arts, Music, Social Work, Education and much more. The University is also home to many athletics programs. There was a total of 187 student-athletes that were named to the dean’s list, and over 150 of them were academic award honorees. They offer many different types of sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swim, cheer, and cross country.


University of Nevada-Reno (UNR)

UNR is located in Reno, Nevada, about 6 hours away from Las Vegas. UNR offers many different programs, such as Art, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Language and Communication, Mathematics, Computer and Engineering, and several others. UNR has over 250 organizations and clubs along with sororities and fraternities. This college also offers student governments with a $1 million budget.


Sierra Nevada College (SNC)

SNC is located in Incline Village, Nevada, about 7 hours from Las Vegas. They offer various programs such as Business, Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Science & Technology. They have athletics programs like skiing, cross country, lacrosse, snowboarding, and soccer. SNC also has globally recognized scenery. The beach is located minutes away from the campus along with Lake Tahoe. You can enjoy biking on the Flume Trail, canoeing in the Tahoe Basin, and backpacking in Yosemite. You can also join the SNC Climbing Club, which is open to all SNC students including both beginners and experts.


Nevada State College (NSC)

NSC is in Henderson, Nevada, about 15 miles from the Las Vegas-Strip. NSC has over 30 clubs and organizations based on studies such as honors societies, athletics, academics, and cultures. They offer classes in Conservation Biology, Principles of Ecology, Principles of Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, and Human Anatomy & Physiology. After graduation, students often have careers in areas such as health science, research, biotechnology, and wildlife biology.


Great Basin College (GBC)

GBC’s main campus is located in Elko, Nevada, about 6 hours away. They offer programs in the Arts, Business, Computer Technology, Education, Health Sciences, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. There are approximately 3,800 students attending GBC with over 5,500 degrees and certificates. They offer 30 degree and certificate programs that are available online. GBC has clubs that relate to academics, culture, and student leadership. Students can start their own clubs here that interest them and others.


Choosing a college can be very stressful, and finding best match is not done with ease. It is important to envision where you see yourself, and the most practical options available to you. A local college is a great option and well worth the investment.

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