Doing Homework Efficiently

Ram Masilang, Layout Editor

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Going into high school, I always expected a huge workload from my classes- especially at a school like NWCTA. I was not disappointed. The work from my classes seemed to have no end. Excessive work from English, BioMed, and Biology pile on my desk as I unloaded them after school. After procrastinating and continuing to stress about all the work I had to do, I felt there needed to be a better way to complete this pile of homework; and a better way there was.


Here are some tips on help get your work done efficiently and to stop the homework horror that is procrastinating:


Tip #1: Get rid of all the distractions

  • Eliminating distracting gadgets like your phone, television, and other personal devices while completing your homework helps you focus on the work in front of you, and not the video about a talking dog.


Tip #2: Prioritize your work

  • When doing homework, make sure you do what is more important first. For example, if you have an English assignment due the next day that you have not started yet, do not work on your geometry homework due next week simply because it is easier.


Tip #3: Ask for help

  • If you do not know something that is on your homework assignment, ask a friend, email your teacher, or even look on the Internet. It is better to be using your time completing your homework rather than wasting time thinking about how to solve that one algebra equation.


Tip #4: Listen to music

  • Listening to music while doing homework helps you relax and takes your mind off the stress you may be under. Music helps calm your mind and body while not making you lose focus on the work you need to get done.


These tips helped me get my work done quickly and efficiently through this semester, and they should help your overall homework experience.

Happy Homeworking!

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