Freshman Reflection

Deanna Tomasso, Senior Reporter

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Walking into high school for the first time everyone is excited and nervous. First entering creates opinions about everything. One very controversial topic found at Northwest was program areas. Phrases such as, “I hate my major,” or “Darn, I chose the wrong one,” were often said.


Program area selection was something many overlooked. When choosing our majors, students had an image in their head about what something would be like. Many were disappointed when they saw the reality of their programs. Though things might look up in the future years, freshman were rather let down in the beginning.


As many as there were let down by this new change, an equal group was quite satisfied. They chose the correct program that can boost them towards their end goal. Having the opportunity to get this type of education is something everyone at NW should be very thankful for.


In the end, choosing the right program area may be difficult, and at first might not be the correct thing for you. But in the end, it was still a journey worth taking. Even if you didn’t choose the right program area for you, make the most of it, and enjoy your career at Northwest.

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