13 Reasons Why Review

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13 Reasons Why Review

Paige Lawrie, Editor in Chief

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Minimal Spoiler Warning

Few have yet to hear of the Netflix funded series, “13 Reasons Why”. Funded by Selena Gomez, the show quickly grew in popularity from its release in March 2017, breaking a record by holding just over 3.5 million tweets. The show has stated its intention to inform viewers on the issue of suicide, revolving the story around a young girl who killed herself and the conflict she left behind.

The show creates a vivid image of the horror if suicide, graphically depicting the main female character, Hannah, slitting her wrists. Although this was intended to push viewers away from suicide, many teens have remarked it caused episodes of self-harm relapse and introduction, as an unnecessary trigger or unconsidered possibility.

The show also mishandles the roots of suicide altogether. “13 Reasons Why” glorifies death, creating a false image of power by manipulating those who remain. Similarly, mental health issues are disregarded, and the show implies that one act of kindness is a simple solution when the source of the issue is much more underlying.

Although I enjoyed watching this show, it mishandled the serious topics it intended to teach. I recommend viewing this show for enjoyment, and steering clear if you are viewing for educational purposes.

If you or a someone you know is considering suicide or in emotional distress, please call the number listed below. There are resources available to help.


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