Welcoming Kaitlyn Hoskins

Paige Lawrie and Ram Masilang

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The Hawk’s Eye Staff recently visited one of the newest additions to NWCTA staff, Kaitlyn Hoskins. She was a graduate from Northwest, and immediately returned after her four-year college education. She will replace Mr. Christensen in teaching social studies.

We asked Ms. Hoskins about her teaching style for the remainder of this year. Her response was one NWCTA students are familiar with, as it is often required in many classrooms.

“I want to learn from the teacher’s perspective how I can make a difference.

…I definitely am a believer in collaborative learning, that’s what I benefited from most when I was here at Northwest, and a lot of schools don’t practice that.”

It is rare to find a course that does not involve collaborative learning. Whether one is extremely outgoing or claims themselves as a social introvert, it is hard to find a student that is incapable of holding their own in group work or presenting with another individual.

“I feel students should know I have high expectations and that I’m here to help them with anything they may need. Being an alumni of Northwest, I feel that I can benefit them in a lot of different ways, and just not to be scared to come to me if they need anything.”

Ms. Hoskins has expressed how being an alumni of the school provides her with the capability to teach in a manner that assisted her. She teaches at a NWCTA standard and beyond, and we are here to welcome her with open arms.

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