Future Cities

Deanna Tomasso and Kaitlyn Zamago

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On January 20th, the Hawk’s Eye Online held a bake sale to raise money at NWCTA’s Future Cuties competition. What started as a fundraiser quickly turned into a learning experience. Staff was approached by a member of the Future Cities staff that offered them a chance to attend the judging of the competition.

During the event, many students in grades 6-8 competed in a competition to build a city around the 2017-2018 school year theme: the most age-friendly city. This competition required them to create a presentation, essay, and a display. The display had to include basic necessities, transportations, to target a certain demographic, and include everything from sewage systems to agriculture.

Different awards were presented to teams that stood out to the judges. Awards such as best city model, best virtual city, best essay, best presentation, most innovative moving part, most innovative energy system, etc. These awards were sponsored by schools and companies around town.

After judges viewed the teams’ display and presentations, they choose the top five. Those five teams present their project in front of everyone and the judges make a final decision. The team that wins then gets a prize and the opportunity to compete in Washington, D.C. for the top Future Cities competition.

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