The Las Vegas Golden Knights

Alaina Hererra, Photography Editor

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In Oct. 2017, the Las Vegas Golden Knights officially became an NHL hockey team. They are owned by the Maloof family (30%) and Foley family (70%).

As an inaugural hockey team, they have astonished many Las Vegas residents and sports fans nationwide.

They have set a record in hockey history by being the number one team in the Pacific Division. They have played 61 games, won 41 games, lost 16 games, and lost 4 games in over time.

The outstanding Golden Knights have scored an amazing 215 goals so far this season and only allowed 166 goals. To show comparison, the team in second place has allowed 173 goals this season.

Las Vegas is commonly known as the gambling capital of the United States. As news broke out about the arrival of a new team the sports, enthusiasts opened their pockets. A majority of the gamblers bet that the inaugural hockey team would qualify for the Stanley Cup this season. The only other inaugural team to reach the Stanley Cup in their first year was the St. Louis Blues.

With sports books widespread throughout the city over if the Golden Knights would qualify for the Stanley Cup, they could reach an all-time loss. Depending on how far the Golden Knights advanced in the playoffs a better could receive upwards of 20,000.

In simplified terms, for every dollar a gambler bets they would receive $20,000 dollars.

This team has made revolutionary progress as the first Las Vegas hockey team.   

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