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Ananya Dewan, a student at Northwest CTA, has been one of the 13 kids in Southern Nevada to be selected to receive the Harvard Book Prize. The Harvard Prize Book is an annual award that is presented to top students in the 11th grade in over 2,000 schools nationwide. Recipients of the award receive a book with an official Harvard bookplate, the name of the donor and recipient, and an honorary bookmark.

Ananya told The Hawk’s Eye, “I was very excited and honestly very surprised… it felt quite validating and I was quite proud of myself.”

The entire application process was described by Dewan as “similar to a college admission process.” Things like having high standardized testing scores, involvement in extracurricular activities and an overall involvement within the school assist in preparation for an award like that.

“It commends students in a way that values their achievements and honors them for the work they put in,” she said. Having them be able to talk to Harvard Alumni and getting to know what it would be like to be a student at Harvard “was a very great experience.”

Being a part of such a prestigious award can have a major impact on the lives of the recipients. “By applying to this program, it’s shown me that perhaps I am more competitive than I thought and it will definitely give me more confidence in college interviews and various programs…,” she said, “it has shown me the benefits of going to a name school.”

Programs and prizes like this one are helpful in improving the way a person thinks about their future. “They provide an experience and many connections that provide many benefits.”

Find out more about the award at https://alumni.harvard.edu/sites/default/files/page/files/12-099-prize-book-flyer11101.pdf

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