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Hawks Counselor Gives Insight On Military Experience

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Veteran’s Day recently commemorated military members who’ve served our country. Northwest staff is home to many former members of the military. One of these individuals is Mr. Pilot, one of our school’s counselors.

In a recent conversation, Mr. Pilot expressed, “…because of the benefits and a lot of the family members that had served in the past, I thought it would be a good way to provide service to your country and at the same time have some great benefits.” Serving in the US army reserves as part of the military police, this answers an intriguing question in the NWCTA community; Mr. Pilot is not a pilot.

Mr. Pilot signed up for the Army Reserves during his senior year of high school and attended the University of Pittsburgh afterward. Teaching at the college for a number of years, he had decided to try something different and join the military during the Gulf War. Being part of the military police, his job was to ensure his base’s safety. Pilot clarified his best experience being him making relationships that he still keeps today that will last a lifetime. In another statement, he also emphasized his distraught with the growing number of dying World War II veterans, voicing, “Our WWII veterans are dying at a thousand per day and in a couple years we’re not going to have any left, and that was by far our greatest generation ever; the sacrifices they made.” With the respect and recognition given by Mr. Pilot, it is clear that he cares deeply about the sacred individuals who have served in the past and who continue enlist today.

Mr. Pilot encourages students to honor, respect and appreciate those who have served their country and sacrificed everything for our freedom. “We can follow a lot about the United States of America, but the fact of the matter is compared to any other country in the world, we are by far the greatest.” He justifies this claim by defending this nation’s morals and democracy as opposed to the superiority of our people, truly validating the statement, “justice for all.”

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Hawks Counselor Gives Insight On Military Experience