The Social Media Impact On Teens

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Captured by Kaelynn Monteagudo

Over the past several years, students in the US have been spending more time on social media. They spend hours texting friends, posting pictures and videos, and scrolling through social media apps to entertain themselves. 

Social media has advanced over the years and has a huge impact on our society. In the last decade, computers and phones have come a long way from just being able to communicate from one person to another. Almost anyone knows what technical applications are, and teens especially use many of the popular apps to communicate as well as share information.

It’s can be a great thing that we are now able to use our phones to communicate and express ourselves. However, when using social media, anyone can message another which can lead to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become more prominent in the past few years, with the increase in the usage of social media.

We conducted a survey on Cyberbullying, which was completed by 42 participants. Some questions we asked were about social media and the use of phones in teens everyday lives. The responses that we received gave information on students’ favorite social media apps, time spent on the internet, and worries that students have when using social media. Many students spend over nine hours a day on their phones. They use apps like Instagram and Snapchat most to share photos and communicate with friends. It was surprising to see that 64.3% of students believe that they have a phone addiction, as well as 61.9% stating that people have mentioned them being on their phone too much.

Captured by Raqelle Newton

Captured by Raqelle Newton

Students use their phones for many different things. Phones can be used for school, communication, and entertainment. However, being on your phone takes up more time than it should, when you spend a lot of time on the internet you can’t get anything done. Both students and parents become too preoccupied with their phones to have real bonding moments.

Social media has become a whole new place for people to connect, but it has also impacted the way teenagers communicate with each other. Even other generations are affected because of social media and technology as well. We as people should be able to capture great moments in life and not how many likes or followers you get on social media. Life isn’t just about pictures and messages, but it’s behind the screen that matters most.

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