Holiday Fashion

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The holidays are among us, and the season of fashion is shifting from warmer to chillier styles. Whether it be holiday parties or other festivities, sometimes it can be hard to find the “perfect holiday outfit”.

We interviewed 35 NWCTA freshmen on the subject.

Red was found to be the most popular holiday color. White and green followed, respectively. The most popular clothing items were pajamas, fuzzy socks, and ugly sweaters, and the least popular was holiday ears and beanies.

Some people expanded their answers by saying stuff like “Ugly sweaters are unappreciated,” or “Because it gets us in the holiday spirit.”

Based on this information, freshman love to be comfortable, yet trendy. We can imagine the holidays are a lucky excuse to kick back watching “Home Alone” in your red pajamas and fuzzy socks. Have a great winter break and happy holidays!

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