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My name is Kaitlyn Zamago and I am a freshman at Northwest Career and Technical Academy. This year I have decided to join The Hawk’s Eye and Filmmakers Society because they both really interest me. I am in Media Communications so we always focus on our creativity and writing skills. These two clubs also have a big focus on those things, so I chose them to build my skills in writing. I’d like to use my journalism experience so I can have a career in media. In my future, I want to either become a news journalist or be in the movie industry writing scripts, producing, or directing films. I feel it’s really important to be involved and write for the news because it gives you great opportunities to learn about the world around you and connect with others. Journalism allows you to explore new things that are going on and write about them to a bigger audience. It is important because it helps you and the audience become aware of what’s going on.

Kaitlyn Zamago, Social Media Manager

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